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Watching a child transition from infancy, to toddlerhood, to adolescence, to young adulthood can be extremely exciting and rewarding for a parent, but each stage of parenting also presents its own challenges and growing pains. A parent who once felt very confident in their ability to care for their child, might suddenly find themselves lost, confused, angry, and overwhelmed by a new set of behaviours or attitudes.

Despite the best intentions, it can be difficult to navigate what is the best course of action to support your child in a healthy and balanced way. Counselling can provide a safe space to normalize conflicting feelings, explore competing expectations, enhance communication skills, and identify more helpful strategies to address parenting challenges. 

Also, changes in family structure due to divorce, separation, re-marriage, and loss is already a very complex situation for all family members involved. It can be especially stressful for parents who are trying to navigate their own feelings in the midst of trying to support their children through these transitions. This can cause communication breakdowns that further hinder a healthy transition. 

Parenting support sessions are an opportunity to process your own challenging feelings as well as understanding your child's experience of the transition or loss, identify individual as well as family strengths and supports, and explore how to support your family to a place of healing.   

Presenting issues for parents might include, but are not limited to the following:r

  • Transitioning from parenting young children to parenting teens

  • Parent-child communication and power struggles

  • Establishing healthy boundaries, rules, and consequences

  • Cultural and generational differences

  • Blended family challenges

  • Co-parenting issues after divorce/separation

  • Readjusting to two households after a divorce or separation

  • Adjusting to new economic circumstances

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